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"I had the Copper/ Silver ION system put in around 2005. My pool was built in 1962 and it is a large 20 by 40 ft. pool.  The pool would cost me a lot of money and time to keep algae out of it.   The chemicals alone were messy and hard to deal with. My partner and I hated to swim because we would need to shower right away plus the smell was too bad.   We knew it was bad for our health but what can we do. We did not know any other product or system that could change that until we meet Dale.  The day we meet was exciting. My partner and I got along with Dale right away. He was so easy to work with and very knowledgeable.   The conversion was easy and Dale did most of the work.  The rest of the time, I did not smell any chlorine.  We just had to add a little potassium but the copper / silver ion system kept the algae away.   It was amazing how long it lasted because sometimes I would just turn the system off for over a week and the pool stays very clear for weeks.  He also taught us about adding Ozone later and he gave us very good customer service when we had a question.    If you are thinking about this system. I suggest to read about it first then ask a question. “Is your health worth the cost of getting an operation on your lungs?”  So, Congratulations Dale Luzzi for finding this system and for changing how we swim in our pools."

- James Jones, Winter park, FL