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Feel The Difference 
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Experience the Difference.

Pools For Healthcare

Benefits of ionization

• Developed by NASA because they couldn’t send chlorine into space
• Nothing in our system is absorbed into the skin.
• No Chlorine or by-products
• No Salt!
• Ionization kills over 650 types of bacteria, protozoa, and viruses.
• Your pool water will exceed EPA standards for drinking water
• Approved by every State in the Union - DOH
• NSF Certification 50 (only 3 companies in the world have this)
• No more ear infections or allergenic or respiratory reactions caused by chlorine 
• Your pool will be a mineral bath with copper and silver ions.
• Only test once a week and never put chlorine containers in your car again or have a need to go to a pool store or require a pool service
• We have been “Green” for over 28 years!
• No problem for “blondes”
• Ionization is unaffected by bather load or weather.
• Customer support 24/7. 

Usually a 3 day install process so that you thoroughly understand the system and for us to set-up your pool (pool must be in swim condition before installation)

See The Difference 
Taste The Difference 


We offer honest, up front pricing.

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Introducing a simple treatment for better water
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